Six Steps to Creating Order that Will Unleash Your Creativity

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

“Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.” – Prov 24:27

People always ask how I manage to occupy myself, living alone for so long. It does get tricky, challenging and lonely sometimes. I have two choices. Sit back, feel depressed and sorry. Or use my time creatively.


My writing has been the most consistent it has ever been. I am so physically active; I don’t feel 47. I play squash, cycle, hit the gym and play tennis. And earlier this year, my daughter inspired me into a new hobby.


I started painting! My impatience would not let me complete the online course I enrolled in, so I winged it as I went along. The sketch of my fourth painting looked promising until I hit a dilemma. My failure to follow the correct order of layering colours threatens to ruin what could be a good painting for a beginner.


But does it have to be in only one sequence? Or is it the consistency of steps that create order? Until a few years ago, I believed the correct order was fruits after meals. Seeing a fellow passenger on a flight four years have fruits before his meal made me learn a new way, which had its benefits. Fruits before a meal, it turns out, is great for weight management because you eat less “food” after the fruits.


Some tasks we can do front to back or back to front. Others we must do the conventional way only. So, here are six things we can do, which I gleaned from Sage and Bloom, that will help us establish the proper order of goals, dreams and ambitions to unleash our potential.


  • Do a mind dump. Write down everything we want to do. Mind dump is like laying out all the colours you want to use in your painting.


  • Make a plan. Prioritise, preferably, “eat the ugliest frog” first. What will be your background colour? And what will be the colour of the lines?


  • Avoid multitasking. Focus on one thing at a time. Or practice what Brian Tracy calls “creative procrastination – deliberately deciding upon the exact things you are not going to do right now.” You complete a painting one colour at a time.


  • Block all distractions. Avoid the “attraction of distraction” trap. Social media, TV, and electronics all lead to the diffusion of attention.


  • Create systems instead of focusing on goals. Goals are short-term fixes, while systems will keep us consistent. I am focusing on understanding a painting system, not a goal of the number of paintings a month.


  • No shortcuts. Learn the system, trust the process and be consistent. I may have ruined the fourth piece of my new hobby because I decided to take a shortcut and winged it.


Beaumont Health, Michigan, suggested the following five benefits of doing things in order.


  • Stress relief. Having a plan of action will reduce anxiety


  • Better sleep. Being organised means you will manage your time well and have enough time to rest, recuperation and sleep.


  • Increased time for self. Organising my day helps me to have time for my passion projects, fitness and fun.


  • Healthier lifestyle. Reduced stress, better sleep, time for exercise are components of a healthier lifestyle.


  • Increased productivity. The seemingly simple habit of keeping a clean and organised desk helps me focus, stay motivated and energetic.


While we may want to believe creative people are disorganised, multitasks, and have a limited attention span, the above shows we can be more productive if we get organised.


According to Brian Tracy, the number one reason some people get more done faster is because they are absolutely clear about their goals and objectives and they don’t deviate from them.


So, decide what you want, prioritise, get organised and take action.


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