Joy Has Come Home

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It’s a personal development manual disguised as a story with time tested lessons of discipline, strength and generosity. It’s a mentorship manual that will help you navigate this human endeavour.

If you’re looking to succeed in your career and business being resilient and developing your emotional intelligence, this gentle, eloquent and quietly confident master-work may just be for you.

Joy Has Come Home is testament to a mother’s love for her son and how far she’d go to ensure that he claimed his rightful place in this world.

It’s a testament to a son who put aside his ego and loved a mother enough to listen to her wisdom and honour it by making the best of what he’s been blessed with.

This book will help you find your purpose, learn to welcome risk, trust the process, be better than your best, empower yourself so that you can empower others, build a sterling reputation, stick to your path and to honour God in all you do.

It’s a book for our time. It’s a book for your time. It’s your growth story. And your time is now.